Types of Partnership

In the last few months we’ve been advising a department of the International Labour Organisation on potential new forms of collaboration with the private sector. When doing that work, I was surprised not to be able to find a clear and comprehensive typology of cross-sector partnerships, between companies and what we could term “public interest... Read more

Sustainability in the Wellness Sector – why now?

What has CSR and sustainability to offer the wellness industry, and vice versa? That was the topic addressed by Lifeworth founder Dr Jem Bendell in a keynote for the Wellness Summit in Singapore on October 14th. The talk aimed to invite wellness professionals to take sustainability to heart and integrate it in what they offer clients and how they relate... Read more

Study finds CSR, ESG and social enterprise overlook the publicly and commercially critical issue of economic inequality

Economic inequality is increasingly recognised as negatively impacting on the environment, poverty, crime, peace, health and even financial stability. As such, the rates of economic inequality represent both a public issue and concern for business and investment. A study published on September 24th in the the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, finds... Read more

News on the Authentic Luxury Network

THE FOLLOWING WAS SENT TO MEMBERS OF WWW.AUTHENTICLUXURY.NET – WHICH IS HOSTED BY LIFEWORTH CONSULTING. …We are now almost 600 members, sharing more than 200 photos of our work, and 50 blogs on our views and news. Check in to www.authenticluxury.net to see what’s being shared, or to share. It’s been a busy season for authentic... Read more

UN Report Calls for Further Standardising CSR & ESG to Promote Public Interest

“In the wake of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, questions have been raised about the meaningfulness of voluntary corporate responsibility communications and the analysis of these by responsible investors,” claims the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Supachai Panitchpakdi. This has made it necessary... Read more

New Job and Event Promotion Options with Lifeworth using Social Media

The way people are receiving their professional information and ideas through the internet is changing. More people are using professional social networks, whether based on Ning, Linked In, Facebook, or specialist networks such as Ninebillion, Justmeans and Wiser Earth. An intiguing new study from Bill Baue and Marcy Murninghan explain some of the implications... Read more

Will Design Thinking Save Us? The Creativity Revolution in Responsible Business.

There is a shift under way in the how some executives are thinking about their relationship to society and the great challenges of our time. If you work in this field, you will have begun to hear more about social enterprise, social innovation, CSR 2.0, a sustainable enterprise economy, and design thinking. This is part of what I call a ‘creativity... Read more

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Talk on Sustainable Fashion, Geneva, June 3rd

Lifeworth’s director, Dr Jem Bendell, is giving a talk, organised by the University of Geneva and MHCInternational. “Sustainable Fashion. The future of Luxury “ June 3, 2010, at midday. Registration required: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e2ohoocub7bd368f Why listen to Jem? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/26/style/26iht-luxury08-bendell.18173199.html What... Read more

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¼ of the world’s financial capital now signed up to responsible investing

According to new figures, over a ¼ of the world’s capital assets under fund management are now signed on to responsible investing, through being signatories of the UNPRI (the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment). Happening in less than 5 years, this is an unprecedented movement in the history of world finance. Is a jobs boom in this... Read more

Video Interview with Director of UNPRI

In the belly of the beast of global finance, there are people motivated not by bonuses, but by supporting a more fair and sustainable world. These people can become allies not enemies of the needed transformation of finance and investment. The new networks and projects they are creating may be crucial in the coming years, as societies call on governments... Read more

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