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Past Achievements

Our founder has a 14-year track record of social innovation, including:

  • Developing the original concept for the Marine Stewardship Council, for WWF International.
  • Advising and helping implement a strategic realignment of a major Australian business school with 13000 students and 300 faculty to become a leader sustainability, and establish an Asia Pacific centre of excellence.
  • Developing one of the first multi-enterprise supply chain eco-audit systems.
  • Inspiring the then head of the UN Secretary General’s office to launch what became the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world, through publications on NGO-business partnerships.
  • Conceiving, researching and writing the first substantive analysis of the social and environmental performance of the luxury industry, which appeared in over 50 newspapers worldwide and helped inspire a strategic shift in many brands.
  • Developing a responsible enterprise strategy for a famous high-jewelry company.
  • Developing a strategy, policy and guidelines for private sector engagement by a UN agency.
  • Establishing the first responsible enterprise jobs portal in 2001, which is now the largest such portal (
  • Provide informal confidential advice to innovators, helping them create some key initiatives in the contemporary responsible business/finance and sustainable development fields.