Further Information on the Authentic Luxury Programme

We offer either a comprehensive approach to developing a responsible enterprise strategy and programme or, if you have an ongoing programme, a complementary approach where we bring a  degree of creativity and connection not provided by generalist CSR consultants.

Those clients who prefer to benefit from our specialisms in an intense mode, as a complement to an existing strategy and ongoing programme, can consider:

  • Inspiring: a one-day workshop on sustainable luxury issues, trends and opportunities, relevant to all business functions, with follow up advisory. Shorter seminars or guests lectures are also possible.
  • Evaluating: a week-long evaluation of an existing strategy and responsible enterprise programme.
  • Informing: advice in meetings on specific responsible enterprise challenges.

Those clients who want to work with us at the start of their strategic review in order to become sector leaders in responsible enterprise can benefit from a more extensive engagement. In that case we begin with the board to bring forth a strategy and leadership for responsible enterprise. Then we work to implement the strategy, throughout the company and across the value chain. During implementation we create simple processes to monitor change, providing the means to report performance. A client journey can involve:

  • Checking: baseline assessment of social and environmental issues and priorities
  • Seeing: developing a responsible enterprise vision and strategy
  • Living: helping implement the strategy, from planning and monitoring, to staff education to help with specific processes such as supplier assessment, and issues such as labour practices.
  • Sharing: communication and engaging with interested audiences.

We find that engagement throughout a company and with key external audiences is important at every step of this journey, as well as giving individual staff resources and connections to be able to improve their performance themselves.

The latest on this programme: