The Time to Inspire: Insights from 50+20 on Transformative Education

Recently overheard at a business school: “Don’t worry, they won’t fail you, you’ve already paid”, from a student to another caught cheating during exams; “We’ve already accepted that we need to compromise our values to work in the business world”, from a business ethics student to his professor; “The business ethics course goes against... Read more

Types of Partnership

In the last few months we’ve been advising a department of the International Labour Organisation on potential new forms of collaboration with the private sector. When doing that work, I was surprised not to be able to find a clear and comprehensive typology of cross-sector partnerships, between companies and what we could term “public interest... Read more

What Business Can do to Reduce Disaster Risk

As the full tragedy of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami begins to be undertood, it is important to consider what business can do not only in response to disasters, but to reduce people’s exposure to disaster risk. As the costs of natural disasters increase, so the topic of “business continuity” has become more important for risk... Read more

Insights on Sustainable Luxury 2.0

At Lifeworth Consulting one of our three main programme areas is luxury brand strategies in relation to responsible business and sustainable development. As part of that work we have researched and written key reports, benchmarked high jewellery firms, developed ethics policies and guidelines for high jewellery clients, adjudicated on luxury CSR awards... Read more

New Job and Event Promotion Options with Lifeworth using Social Media

The way people are receiving their professional information and ideas through the internet is changing. More people are using professional social networks, whether based on Ning, Linked In, Facebook, or specialist networks such as Ninebillion, Justmeans and Wiser Earth. An intiguing new study from Bill Baue and Marcy Murninghan explain some of the implications... Read more

Will Design Thinking Save Us? The Creativity Revolution in Responsible Business.

There is a shift under way in the how some executives are thinking about their relationship to society and the great challenges of our time. If you work in this field, you will have begun to hear more about social enterprise, social innovation, CSR 2.0, a sustainable enterprise economy, and design thinking. This is part of what I call a ‘creativity... Read more

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Pakistan’s 1st signatory to the UNPRI would further the reach of responsible investment

Lifeworth Associate Hanniah Tariq returned to her home country of Pakistan to do some pro-bono work advancing responsible investment there. We are delighted that through her efforts even challenging conditions such as those faced by Pakistan at present, need not be barriers to responsible investment and we hope, such investment strategies might support... Read more

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Jem Bendell joins board of Global Vision Institute

Lifeworth Director Dr Jem Bendell has joined the board of the Global Vision Institute. The GVI is a think-tank and catalyst for creating a values-driven international system. Based in New York, its mission is to revitalize the founding values of the United Nations – peace, justice, equality, human dignity and sustainability. It supports global... Read more

The New Lifeworth Consulting Site is Launched

I am delighted to announce the launch of the new Lifeworth Consulting website. It maps out what is key about what we do, and allows us to share some of the outputs of our work, such as our publications. There are a three ways to navigate the site. First, you can select from the main menu. From here you can see an outline of “what” we do, including... Read more