Sick of the financial crisis? Become the cure!

Around the world, and somewhere near you, businesses and communities are creating their own means of exchange. They are realising we do not need to rely on banks and their costly credit to trade among ourselves. Your company and your community could benefit by participating in these schemes, or by starting one up.

In the coming months, Lifeworth, in association with the world’s leading provider of free open source software for community currencies, is co-running workshops at major sustainability events in Sweden and Greece, and lecturing on this topic in Australia. Scroll down to see details on the events nearest to you. A crisis is an opportunity for a new system to emerge, if we make it so!


At the Future Perfect festival in Stockholm, world-leaders in sustainable enterprise, science, design, and media will gather at a world-class summer music festival on 23-26 August.

At Future Perfect, we (Lifeworth Consulting) are hosting a panel on monetary reforms and innovations for sustainability, and a workshop for executives who want to start, scale or participate in alternative means of exchange.

Panel: “Currencies of Transition: monetary reforms and innovations for sustainability.”

Chair: Professor Jem Bendell (Lifeworth Consulting, Community Forge and Griffith Business School)
Ben Dyson, director of Positive Money, which campaigns for a systemic solution to monetary crises, by full reserve banking.
Josh Ryan Collins, New Economics Foundation, the Brixton Pound and co-author of “Where does money come from?”
Lynnea Bylund, Board Member, Ormita, the international business barter network.
Matthew Slater, Board Member, Community Forge, a leading provider of open source software for community currencies, and editor of Community Currency magazine.

The panel will address the questions: Is a fair and sustainable economy possible with our debt-driven money system? If not, what needs to change? What is being done already? What can we do to get involved, personally and professionally? How can we make this a movement? What mistakes can we avoid?

Workshop: “How alternative exchange systems work and how to get started”
Trainers: Professor Jem Bendell and Matthew Slater
The trainers work with Community Forge, which provides free open source software for community currencies. This video explains why, what and how Community Forge operates.

To book your tickets to the festival, visit


In Greece right now there is an exciting air of change and thirst for new ideas and innovations. On the 10th October Lifeworth’s Jem Bendell will co-lead a half day seminar with Matthew Slater of on creating and participating in alternative exchange systems and community currencies. They will be joined by Greeks who are pioneering these solutions to the current crisis. On the 11th, Matthew Slater will offer a software training for those wanting to implement a local currency.

The seminars are part of a 2 week sustainable business summit to launch the new European Sustainability Academy in Crete. Information on the final days of the summit, including these workshops on alternative exchange systems, is here. Contact the European Sustainability Academy for more information or to book.


“Currencies for the Sustainability Transition” is a speech that Professor Jem Bendell will give in Brisbane at the Necessary Transition Conference at Griffith Business School, on the 26th-28th September. Contact the centre for more information on tickets.


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