Healing Capitalism through Critical Collaboration

In 2012 you could host a keynote or training by Professor Jem Bendell, a serial instigator of alliances for sustainability, if you live in: Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Istanbul, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, or Zurich.

Business travel is taking Lifeworth’s Jem Bendell to these cities in 2012 and he wants to make his carbon count by speaking with and training professionals committed to the necessary transformations in business and finance. So if you live in one of those cities and could organise an event, or know someone who does, please read on.

The challenge is to take promising innovations in social and environmental practices to the mainstream, fast. After 16 years working on collaborative innovation for sustainable development, Professor Bendell dug deeper into our need to heal capitalism. He is identifying the businesses, investors, community leaders and policy makers who are getting to the roots of our problem.

  • In a keynote presentation “Healing Capitalism”, you can hear about the actors and opportunities within this transformation and be inspired to connect with them (a lecture from 30 mins to 1 hour).
  • In the skills workshop “Critical Collaboration” you can learn the methods for working together on transformative change, which Professor Bendell has been using in his work (a training of a half day to 1 day).

Hosts of keynotes or training workshops will demonstrate their commitment to this agenda through various communications channels available to Lifeworth, and could be featured in his forthcoming book “Healing Capitalism: business opportunities in global transition.”

The windows of opportunity to book Jem include:

Abu Dhabi – 2nd week of October
Bangkok – last week of May
Beijing – September 10th or 14th-19th
Brisbane – last 2 weeks of September
Dubai – 2nd week of October
London – 1st week of July
Hong Kong* – September 10th or 19th or 1st-2nd October
Istanbul – 1st week of June
Madrid – 1st week of September, last 2 weeks of October, or last 3 weeks of November
Paris – last 3 weeks of either June or July
Singapore* – last week of May or 30th September or 1st-2nd October
Stockholm – 22nd to 27th August
Sydney* – 29th or 30th September or 1st October
Zurich – last 3 weeks of either June or July

There is a fee to host, but no travel costs. The starred* cities need to be booked before March 30th to be definite. Other cities and dates may be possible, but will incur significantly more expense and a clear strategy for impact (so as to maximise the time and resources). In November, Professor Bendell will launch his latest book “Healing Capitalism”, co-authored with Ian Doyle.

If interested, please copy and paste the following questions and answer them in an email to connect @ lifeworth.com

1) The dates, times and location we propose:
2) Speech or workshop or both:
3) If the speech/seminar is part of another event, provide link:
4) The organisers:
5) The likely attendees (type and number):
6) How the event is funded:
7) If fees will be charged for the event, the amount:
8 ) What accommodation is offered for Professor Bendell:
9) The amount of the speakers fee guaranteed even if your organisation cancels later (for speech and/or training):
10) What other activities requested of Professor Bendell, if any:
11) Whether professional video filming and editing with free online release:
12) Name of contact person:

More on Jem Bendell:

A strategist and educator on social and organisational change, specialising in responsible business development, alliances for sustainable development, and transformative philanthropy. Professor Bendell has helped create innovative initiatives, such as the Marine Stewardship Council, to endorse sustainable fisheries, and The Finance Innovation Lab, to promote sustainable finance. He leads a consulting network, whose clients include UN, NGOs, large firms and family foundations, in over 25 countries. With a PhD in international policy, over 100 publications (including four books and five UN reports) and Visiting Professorships in management (GBS and IE), Professor Bendell is an award-winning international authority on business-society relations. He works with people who seek to contribute to, and benefit from, the transformation of markets to promote global well-being. His latest book on collaboration is “Evolving Partnerships”, and his latest TEDx talk is on sustainable currencies.

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