We are a network of independent associates and a director, with over a century of combined experience on responsible enterprise and finance, an international approach and shared desire to help clients succeed by contributing to fair and sustainable societies.

We help our clients innovate more responsible and sustainable practices, products and services, either in their own organisation or society at large, and to be rewarded and recognised for that. This creates value through reducing risk, stimulating commitment, inspiring design, generating opportunities, and improving people’s lives.

We offer clients strategy, creativity, communications, liaison and education services. What makes us particularly useful is our passion for what’s next, our creative leadership in our field, and international connections and credibility within civil society and relevant media. Consequently, we have helped our clients create new projects, products and even new organisations.

We focus our work on two quite different yet high-profile sectors, due to our interest in international impact and maintaining our unique cross-sectoral expertise and networks:

  • High-end goods and services, which are internationally respected and have the mandate and margins to achieve social and environmental excellence, so can lead by example;
  • International organisations, including non- or inter-governmental, which are key to influencing the business environment, as well as delivering change.

Increasingly we find people in each sector are interested in the other and benefit from our liaison services. In addition, some people we help have interests in both sectors due to being both venture capitalists or strategic philanthropists.

Our work programmes include Authentic Luxury, Enterprise Trends and Engaging Change.

Our services include strategy, creativity, communications, liaison and education.