Positive Influence

All our work has come from personal connections, our networks, or referrals, as we do not advertise, and seek a focused portfolio of projects that can create ripple effects throughout a sector or society.

Our philosophy is to start where you are at and deliver what you need. But we do have an approach. So we not only deliver on a specific project mandate, but at the same time help you to become a more effective agent of eco-social change. Because, to achieve a sustainable impact, most projects will need to influence a certain constituency.

Think of what it is you are working on right now, that has brought you to our site. What is it you want to achieve?

To be successful, it will likely involve influencing a sector, a market, an NGO, a government, a supply chain, the consumer, or your own staff. Therefore, you will need to become an eco-social influencer, enhancing the ability and motivation of people to behave in certain ways and not others. With a PhD in social and environmental influence strategies, our founder Dr Jem Bendell believes that part of becoming an effective eco-social influencer is to gain greater insight into one’s self, one’s situation, and the relationships that shape values, norms, rules and access to resources.

Our Principles

Our work is our vocation to contribute to fair and sustainable societies. We look for projects that can create ripple effects. Within our focus areas we work with clients that:

  • we believe could operate in a socially and environmentally effective manner;
  • express a board-level commitment to being a responsible organisation;
  • provide potential for ripple-effects to promote a fair and sustainable world;
  • are unlikely to jeopardise Lifeworth’s reputation as thought leaders on responsible enterprise and finance;
  • are open to finding fun and creativity in the engagement.

Your strategy for sustainable change

Founder/Director, Dr. Jem Bendell

Founder/Director, Dr. Jem Bendell

“We improve the social and environmental effectiveness of people and organisations. Key to real progress is relating changes at individual, organisational, sectoral and societal levels. At Lifeworth we do that by enabling and motivating professionals to improve in concert with changes in their operating environment and society. Whether you work in the non-profit, business or public sectors, we have knowledge, processes, and networks to help, having worked in each sector ourselves. So we take a network approach to improving organisations, sectors, policies and societies; and as a network of independents, our low overheads and flexibility mean we offer cost-effective teams tailored to the specific needs of a project. Consequently we only work with people seeking social innovations for transformative change, who benefit from our assets and approach.”

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