New Job and Event Promotion Options with Lifeworth using Social Media

The way people are receiving their professional information and ideas through the internet is changing. More people are using professional social networks, whether based on Ning, Linked In, Facebook, or specialist networks such as Ninebillion, Justmeans and Wiser Earth. An intiguing new study from Bill Baue and Marcy Murninghan explain some of the implications of these developments in the CSR, ESG and social enterprise space in a new publication for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Unlike other dotcommers, at Lifeworth we didnt want to increase unnecessary user traffic to our site, but to create a system that frees you from trawling through lots of sites, and saves your eyes, back, wrist and soul from so much computer time. So we sought to design a system that frees you from your internet device… by pulling everything together, sorting it, and presenting it in ways relevant to your interests. This means we may not have as much traffic as other sites, but we like to think we are a more efficient use of time for our 7000+ monthly visitors.

It’s a philosophy we intend to keep while we develop the service. Nevertheless, we need to ensure that not only do we provide what users want, but what will be useful for those of you wanting to promote a job, event or course, in light of the growing importance of web 2.0. We are still looking into the various mechanisms of integration with Web 2.0. But the first step has been to upgrade our job and event posting service, so you have the option of using the portal to reach out through social media as well. Ee now offer a free, basic and premium option.

FREE OPTION: You can reach thousands of CSR, social enterprise and responsible investment professionals for free. We are your best option to reach the busy professional. Job seekers will look at many sites and browse adverts, but the busy professional will not. Our system provides them with one email a week that pulls together and sifts through all jobs and events matching their interests. That makes us a one-stop shop, serving over 5000 subscribers and 7000 unique visitors per month. 25% each from the UK and USA, the rest from around the world.

BASIC OPTION: You can reach out faster and wider, by simply sending us your job or event and we will put it on the homepage, include it in our monthly bulletin to 5000+ subscribers, and it will appear on our syndication partners’ websites, such as CSR International; all for 100 euros.

PREMIUM OPTION: You can make your job or event unmissable, through our new system that connects with Web 2.0. Your job or event can take pole position in the main box on our homepage for a month, be emailed to our 5000+ subscribers immediately, be featured in our monthly bulletin, be featured in a blog news story written by Lifeworth’s CSR specialists, which is then sent to Twitter, relevant Linked In groups, JustMeans and 10 CSR-related email groups to generate wider interest. UNPRI and Virgin Unite made use of this new premium service, and you can view the stories we wrote in connection to opportunities at their organisations (see UNPRI story and Virgin story). For this service, simply send us the information and we will process all this for you, for 350 euros, subject to availability (we currently allow one Premium Service per week, and we need to identify a relevant and interesting story for our users).

You can get started with one of these options at

Meanwhile, at our consulting practice we continue to explore how the advances in web technologies will change the future of corporate responsibility, social enterprise and responsible investment, and integrate that into our advice to clients in the business, NGO and UN sectors.

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