CSR Wire says CSR solidifying into a social movement

People working in the corporate responsibility field are becoming a social movement. That’s the conclusion of journalist Bill Baue, of Sea Change Radio (the best weekly podcast on all things to do with sustainable business).

Bill writes in CSR Wire that “perhaps the biggest CSR development of the year [2009] was not readily visible, as it was an idea: that CSR represents not just a trend or professional discipline, but a social movement. In other words, CSR is not a random collection of ad hoc, discrete actions to revise corporate behavior, but rather a coherent aggregation of sustained, widespread efforts to reform (or even revolutionize) the role of corporations, shifting from negative to positive impacts on society, environment, and economy.”

He explains that this will take off in the coming years. “Initially slow on the uptake of social media and other interactive technologies to connect with their stakeholders, but increasingly building online networks to advance a more community-based approach to corporate accountability and sustainability – most notably, Timberland’s Voices of Challenge stakeholder engagement website. Corporate adoption of Web 2.0 tools shows promise of fueling the CSR movement into the new year and decade.”

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