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“Adventures in Sustainability” is organised by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) at the University of Cumbria Business School. It is supported by the Robert Kennedy College, Impact International and Futureperfect.



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There is still an opportunity for additional sponsors to help widen access and enable video streaming and professional video production at the event. Contact Jem Bendell for further information (email [email protected]).

This event marks the official launch of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. IFLAS is rapidly emerging as a global hub of inquiry, teaching, and dialogue on enabling the transition to more fair and sustainable societies. The challenge of social, environmental and economic sustainability requires “sustainable leadership” – ways of relating that promote change that is mutually beneficial for the person, organisation, stakeholders and world at large. The scale of the sustainability challenge means it is best characterised as a “transition” from unsustainable ways of living and working.

Part of the University of Cumbria Business School, our campus in the British Lake District was founded in 1892 as a place of experiential learning. IFLAS continues this tradition of approaching inquiry and education as adventure. The local landscape provides a venue, and the heritage a compass, for personal and collective transitions. With our post-graduate degrees, research programmes, inspiring events, world-class staff and associates, and global networks, we are supporting a new generation of sustainable leaders: well-balanced professionals for a better-balanced world.

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