Too busy to keep up with the CSR job scene?

We should never be too busy to look at the horizon. But many of us are so busy with the here and now of our jobs. Therefore we don’t have time to see what opportunities are out there for us to make a greater impact in the world. But now there is a solution….

Since we started our CSR jobs info service in 2001 a range of websites have been launched that provide jobs info. Most of them are useful, but when taken together, there are so many ways of getting information it becomes simply too much. Our response to that problem at Lifeworth has been to do two things, which help the busy professional.

First, we combine jobs from all the relevant jobs sites we know about, into one database. Second, we categorise all these jobs so you can get your own weekly email with jobs matching your interests.

Not getting that email yet? If so, that’s because you haven’t logged in and selected your interests on your profile. If you want to keep up with the CSR job scene, by getting our fancy software working for you, click on your username at the top of the Lifeworth Monthly Bulletin, log in, and update your profile. If you have forgotten your username, just follow the links after clicking on your username.

Five minutes spent now will save hours in future, and might even change your life. It’s happened to hundreds of people already, who found their new job through Lifeworth. Good luck!

… and help your friends by telling them about this service, which they can sign up to at

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