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Welcome to the Lifeworth Review of 2005, brought to you with support from Nike, WWF and the ICCSR

This free online publication combines the quarterly reviews of the premiere academic publication in the field, the Journal of Corporate Citizenship.

It provides you with international analysis of the main trends of 2005, insights into the future, as well as some proposals for future work on corporate responsibility.

Lifeworth publishes this resource to promote more informed consideration and practice of corporate responsibility, to encourage systemic change towards sustainable development.

We are grateful to Nike, WWF, the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR), at the University of Nottingham and Greenleaf Publishing for making this resource possible. The review is editorially independent and the sponsors did not influence its content.

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  • This is the fifth Annual Review. You can access previous reviews here.

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Written by Jem Bendell (Adjunct Professor, Auckland University of Technology and Director, Lifeworth) with John Manoochehri for the first quarter (Special Adviser, Stockholm Environment Institute), and Shilpa Shah for the fourth quarter.


We are grateful to acknowledge the following have supported this publication:
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