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Notes from a strategist & educator on social & organisational change, now focused on #DeepAdaptation

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With the release of my new book 'Breaking Together' I am stepping back from academic, activist and policy work, to focus for a few years (I hope) on regenerative agriculture, music and Buddhist study. I have relinquished my Professorship, becoming an Emeritus Professor, and in that capacity will do rare public engagements relating to my book.

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I'm in shock after reading the DA paper

I am aware of the limits to my expertise in either inner or outer processes for deep adaptation to societal disruption and climate anxiety. One thing I have found that sustains me, and the one piece of advice I can feel confident in offering, is not to go through this in isolation. If you don't yet feel okay talking with close friends or family, there are online communities that are holding space and offering opportunities for people to be with each other and support each other through the darkest parts of this journey. And many people report that going through this processing collectively has helped them to access states of acceptance and deep joy as well.

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I work in new media

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I want to interview Prof. Bendell as part of my studies

Sorry, but my focus is now elsewhere. I recommend you join the Deep Adaptation Facebook group or Linked In group and share your questions there - people are very open to engage!

I want to study with Prof. Bendell

I am offering one open-enrolment online course in 2023 but not taking new PhD students as I have stepped down from my Professorship.

I think Prof. Bendell would enjoy reading a paper

I am not trying to know everything about "collapsology" which should become a vast field of enquiry. The groups in the Deep Adaptation Forum are a good place to post resources where they might be found and find people to collaborate with (You will need to sign up first).

I'm planning to make art based on Deep Adaptation

Fantastic! Please check out my own Kintsugi World art project. I am glad when artists take inspiration from Deep Adaptation, or from my new work, Breaking Together. There is no copyright or restriction on 'Deep Adaptation', but many people read it quickly and mistake the point. Deep Adaptation is a frame (in the George Lakoff sense) and a narrative for talking about climate change. It says:

  1. The science is telling us that climate change is speeding up, even if much of the media and government seems unaware.
  2. It is not just about changes in the weather but we should be thinking urgently about the consequences of climate change on our complex society.
  3. The consequences could be very dire and many people are in denial or paralysed by the prospect societal collapse.
  4. We might benefit by reflecting on all areas of life and asking the questions about Relinquishment, Restoration, Resilience, and Reconciliation (as detailed in the paper).

You could list your opus on the Deep Adaptation Forum which has groups for that purpose.

I want to talk about Prof. Bendell's previous work in economics / monetary systems

I am no longer working as an academic on economics, blockchain, monetary reform or complementary currencies. All enquiries should be directed to my Money & Society MOOC co-author, 'complementary currency engineer' Matthew Slater.

I want to talk about Prof. Bendell's previous work in CSR

I am no longer working directly on corporate responsibility.

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