Never Going Back to Barter

“If the banks collapse we would have to go back to barter.” Heard that one before? If you do a Google news search for “back to barter” you will see the extent to which economists and business writers today assume that money systems emerged out the difficulties with swapping goods, and that barter is the only alternative to modern bank-issued... Read more

Disruptive Luxury

Can an NGO report inspire a new enterprise? An enterprise which after just 3 years is booming and winning business awards for turning waste into luxury accessories? The WWF report Deeper Luxury helped Kresse Wesling identify a market niche, turning waste firehose into high-end design. You can hear Kresse explain how she sees creative opportunities where... Read more

Video Interview with Director of UNPRI

In the belly of the beast of global finance, there are people motivated not by bonuses, but by supporting a more fair and sustainable world. These people can become allies not enemies of the needed transformation of finance and investment. The new networks and projects they are creating may be crucial in the coming years, as societies call on governments... Read more

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