Never Going Back to Barter

“If the banks collapse we would have to go back to barter.” Heard that one before? If you do a Google news search for “back to barter” you will see the extent to which economists and business writers today assume that money systems emerged out the difficulties with swapping goods, and that barter is the only alternative to modern bank-issued... Read more

Adventures in Sustainability are Coming – Whether You Like it or Not

Ice. The lack of it. In the Arctic. It was the biggest story of the year. Or should have been. Compared to the ice cover in the 80s and 90s, a chunk the size of India went missing. The sun-reflecting world-cooling power of ice was replaced by dark heat-absorbing water. It’s a recipe for run-away climate change. 2012 marked a century since British... Read more

Letting Go Of 2012

As the year ends, can you identify a personal transition you went through in 2012? What is it that you left behind? What is it that you brought more into your life? What is it that you committed to? Change requires letting go and  letting come. I often ignore how difficult it is to let go. Economists call it sunk costs. Buddhists call it attachment.... Read more

Talks this October

This October, Professor Jem Bendell, founder of Lifeworth Consulting, will be speaking at the following events: Singapore, on 4th, at Syinc, evening talk on the future of money Crete, Greece, 10th and 11th, at ESA, 2 day workshop on alternative exchange and currency systems Barcelona, Spain, on 19th, at Future Economy, a talk on the future of luxury... Read more

Learn about alternative currencies and exchange systems for sustainability

Enabling the more efficient exchange and sharing of products and services, in order to increase human well-being while reducing the consumption of natural resources, is a key dimension to the sustainability transition. A less understood dimension of this challenge is the role of alternative currencies and exchange systems in enabling that efficiency.... Read more

How your company can help create more jobs

Mass unemployment is becoming a headache for all world leaders. At the World Economic Forums (WEF) this year in Davos, Bangkok and Istanbul, I noticed the number one thing leaders were discussing was how to address growing unemployment. Globally, in the next 10 years there will be over a billion young people coming into the workforce and just 300 million... Read more

Healing the whole – Insights from Congo

I’m writing from the Congo where we have been working with mining companies, communities and the government on promoting sustainable development. Working here has enabled me to affirm many of the systemic problems that I’ve observed with capitalism and will feed into the book I’m co-authoring with colleague Jem Bendell entitled “Healing Capitalism.”... Read more

Teaming Up for Massive Change in 2012

Everywhere we turn, we hear people asking “how long can it go on?” Whether it is financial crisis in the West, environmental pollution in the East, or increasing prices and natural disasters everywhere, there’s a growing sense of dystopia, and of the need for more fundamental reform of our economic and political systems. Mass protests... Read more

Re-designing Capitalism – the role for business

The current debate about economic growth is based on false assumptions about the monetary system, so both management consultants and business schools must do better to help business leaders explore how to re-design capitalism, according to Lifeworth’s founder, Professor Jem Bendell, in a recent video interview. Professor Bendell explains that... Read more

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Why Your Company Should OccupyWallStreet

Constant financial crises and growing protests over economic policies now punctuate the headlines. Personal crises, over debt or job insecurity, sadly punctuate our conversations with friends and family. Capitalism seems sick, or at least this version of it. So for those of us working on corporate social responsibility, social enterprise and responsible... Read more


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