New Quarterly Updates

Lifeworth is providing is 3000 subscribers with a Quarterly that gives links to resources Lifeworth helps produce, as well as advance notice of activities, at the ‘bleeding’ edge of sustainable enterprise thinking. The Quarterly continues the retired monthly CSR Jobs Bulletins. To receive one email every 3 months, click here. In... Read more

Improving your one-stop shop of CSR jobs info

The Lifeworth portal on jobs in corporate responsibility is about to get much better, as from March it will be maintained by You will receive the same monthly bulletin, not more, but the jobs information will be more comprehensive. If you want to unsubscribe, then follow the indicated links. The portal will continue to integrate... Read more

Adventures in Sustainability are Coming – Whether You Like it or Not

Ice. The lack of it. In the Arctic. It was the biggest story of the year. Or should have been. Compared to the ice cover in the 80s and 90s, a chunk the size of India went missing. The sun-reflecting world-cooling power of ice was replaced by dark heat-absorbing water. It’s a recipe for run-away climate change. 2012 marked a century since British... Read more

Letting Go Of 2012

As the year ends, can you identify a personal transition you went through in 2012? What is it that you left behind? What is it that you brought more into your life? What is it that you committed to? Change requires letting go and  letting come. I often ignore how difficult it is to let go. Economists call it sunk costs. Buddhists call it attachment.... Read more

Creating Resilience – With Community Exchange Systems

How can communities and local businesses be more resilient to those winds of global finance that influence our quality of life yet seem beyond our control? The answer is to create our own credit clearing systems; so suggested Thomas Greco, during his recent European tour. His latest book “The End of Money and the Future of Civilisation” lays down... Read more

Elegant Disruption – how luxury and society can change each other for good

Just over five years ago I began working on the luxury industry.  I thought, why cant these elite brands not excel in social and environmental performance? I researched, wrote and produced the report Deeper Luxury for WWF-UK, and it triggered a bit of a furore in the fashion press and wider luxury industry (about 8000 sites now link to the report).... Read more

The Time to Inspire: Insights from 50+20 on Transformative Education

Recently overheard at a business school: “Don’t worry, they won’t fail you, you’ve already paid”, from a student to another caught cheating during exams; “We’ve already accepted that we need to compromise our values to work in the business world”, from a business ethics student to his professor; “The business ethics course goes against... Read more

How your company can help create more jobs

Mass unemployment is becoming a headache for all world leaders. At the World Economic Forums (WEF) this year in Davos, Bangkok and Istanbul, I noticed the number one thing leaders were discussing was how to address growing unemployment. Globally, in the next 10 years there will be over a billion young people coming into the workforce and just 300 million... Read more

Collaborative Consumption and Beyond

Do you have a car pool at work? Car-sharing revenues in North America have been predicted to reach US$3.3 billion by 2016. There are many start-ups in this field, including Zipcar, which floated last year for US $174M. Enabling the more efficient exchange and sharing of products and services, in order to increase human well-being while reducing the... Read more

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Healing the whole – Insights from Congo

I’m writing from the Congo where we have been working with mining companies, communities and the government on promoting sustainable development. Working here has enabled me to affirm many of the systemic problems that I’ve observed with capitalism and will feed into the book I’m co-authoring with colleague Jem Bendell entitled “Healing Capitalism.”... Read more


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