Learn about alternative currencies and exchange systems for sustainability

Enabling the more efficient exchange and sharing of products and services, in order to increase human well-being while reducing the consumption of natural resources, is a key dimension to the sustainability transition. A less understood dimension of this challenge is the role of alternative currencies and exchange systems in enabling that efficiency.... Read more

Jem Bendell recognised as Young Global Leader

Lifeworth Founder, Professor Jem Bendell, has been announced as one of the 2012 Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. Professor Bendell is a strategist and educator on social and organisational change, specialising in helping business, UN, and NGOs collaborate for sustainable development. Famous for its Davos Summit of world leaders, the... Read more

Future of Luxury on the Horizon in Latin America

The world’s first sustainable luxury award winners were announced in Buenos Aires earlier this month. The awards recognise outstanding leadership towards sustainable luxury, and are open to any company with a business connection to Latin America. All the winners were small enterprises, which indicates how entrepreneurs, and their young companies,... Read more

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CSR Wire says CSR solidifying into a social movement

People working in the corporate responsibility field are becoming a social movement. That’s the conclusion of journalist Bill Baue, of Sea Change Radio (the best weekly podcast on all things to do with sustainable business). Bill writes in CSR Wire that “perhaps the biggest CSR development of the year [2009] was not readily visible, as it was... Read more

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CNBC Show on Eco Luxury

A TV show on CNBC about the challenge sustainabilty to the luxury industry is now available on youtube. Lifeworth Director Jem Bendell helped the Luxury Channel edit it, and he appears, along with the report he cowrote, called “Deeper Luxury”. Lifeworth is exploring future such TV projects to promote awareness of responsible enterprise. CNBC... Read more