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Lifeworth is providing is 3000 subscribers with a Quarterly that gives links to resources Lifeworth helps produce, as well as advance notice of activities, at the ‘bleeding’ edge of sustainable enterprise thinking. The Quarterly continues the retired monthly CSR Jobs Bulletins. To receive one email every 3 months, click here. In... Read more

Elegant Disruption – how luxury and society can change each other for good

Just over five years ago I began working on the luxury industry.  I thought, why cant these elite brands not excel in social and environmental performance? I researched, wrote and produced the report Deeper Luxury for WWF-UK, and it triggered a bit of a furore in the fashion press and wider luxury industry (about 8000 sites now link to the report).... Read more

World’s 1st benchmarking of ethical performance of luxury jewellery

Top jewellery brands are failing to meet the growing expectations of customers for ethical sourcing of metals and gemstones, thereby providing opportunities for new brands to emerge, according to an independent report. Published by Fair Jewelry Action, a non-profit organisation promoting fairly traded jewellery, and strategy advisers Lifeworth Consulting,... Read more

Managing the Pro-Development Impacts of Your Business

Looking back on corporate responsibility in 2010, one of the topics that rose to the top of the agenda was the role of business in international development. In particular, this was spurred by the UN’s review of (a lack of) progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals. There are a range of initiatives to advance business contributions... Read more

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Study finds CSR, ESG and social enterprise overlook the publicly and commercially critical issue of economic inequality

Economic inequality is increasingly recognised as negatively impacting on the environment, poverty, crime, peace, health and even financial stability. As such, the rates of economic inequality represent both a public issue and concern for business and investment. A study published on September 24th in the the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, finds... Read more

UN Report Calls for Further Standardising CSR & ESG to Promote Public Interest

“In the wake of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, questions have been raised about the meaningfulness of voluntary corporate responsibility communications and the analysis of these by responsible investors,” claims the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Supachai Panitchpakdi. This has made it necessary... Read more

Critical Thinking on Partnership: free chapters mark ten years

“Ten years after Terms for Endearment was published it continues to be groundbreaking, as it provides a more nuanced analysis of cross-sectoral partnering than many studies on the subject, and maps out an agenda for corporate citizenship that continues to inspire us today. A decade ago Terms for Endearment was critical in helping me to realize... Read more

Post-crisis, Capitalism now a focus for CSR, says Lifeworth Review

Capitalism is up for debate, and that’s a good thing, according to a new review from a management consultancy. “The dual financial and climate crises are leading people in all walks of life to question the kind of economy that makes sense for their businesses, communities and families,” explains lead author of the review, Associate Professor... Read more

Lifeworth Publishes Directory of CSR-related organisations in Geneva.

We can announce the release of the first Directory of CSR Geneva participants. It lists almost 100 organisations and who they are collaborating with in Geneva. To download your free copy as pdf file, visit (or right click and save the target file to your harddrive). Lifeworth’s Dr Jem Bendell is a co-founder... Read more

Lifeworth’s Annual Review on sale until end of year. Download for 5 Euros.

‘The Eastern Turn In Responsible Enterprise’ describes the rise of Asian business and finance that was hastened by events during 2008. It argues that although expanding economic power generates difficult social and environmental challenges, the world needs Asian business and society to help innovate the technologies, processes and concepts... Read more

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