Video Interview with Director of UNPRI

In the belly of the beast of global finance, there are people motivated not by bonuses, but by supporting a more fair and sustainable world. These people can become allies not enemies of the needed transformation of finance and investment. The new networks and projects they are creating may be crucial in the coming years, as societies call on governments to make financial systems, and the professionals involved, more accountable and supportive of society as a whole. One important initiative is the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), whose signatories now account for a significant proportion of global capital. In this video interview the founder and now Executive Director of the UNPRI, Dr James Gifford, talks to Lifeworth’s Dr Jem Bendell about how the UNPRI began, the role of responsible investment, the extent of responsibility from investors, and implications from and for the financial crisis. In addition, the accountability of investors in making decisions on social and environmental issues is discussed, as well as James’s reflections on responsible leadership. To discuss implications of the issues raised, we recommend you consider joining The Finance Lab, which is a new multistakeholder platform for sharing ideas on how to create a financial system that will help not hinder a fair and sustainable world.

Read more about the UNPRI or see more videos from their participants at

The Finance Lab is the result of a project initiated in 2007 by Jen Morgan at WWF-UK and Lifeworth’s director Jem Bendell. Senior Lifeworth Associate Cheryl Hicks is convening the online dialogue, and Lifeworth Associate Matthew Slater is cohosting the discussions in the Lab on Money Systems.

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