Lifeworth Publishes Directory of CSR-related organisations in Geneva.

We can announce the release of the first Directory of CSR Geneva participants.

It lists almost 100 organisations and who they are collaborating with in Geneva.

To download your free copy as pdf file, visit (or right click and save the target file to your harddrive).

Lifeworth’s Dr Jem Bendell is a co-founder of CSR Geneva. Founded in 2006, CSR Geneva is a social network for Geneva-based people interested in corporate responsibility, accountability, sustainability, social enterprise, & responsible finance. We share information on relevant events, reports, jobs & opinions, & gather for seasonal social events & ad hoc dinners when ‘global gurus’ are in town. In Geneva there are a variety of inter-governmental, corporate, financial & nongovernmental organisations working on these topics. We are building on the global town’s role as a crossroads for people from different cultures and professions so they can learn from each other. Participation is free to anyone interested in what Geneva-based organisations are doing on this agenda. CSR Geneva is informal & not affiliated with any organisation. To get involved, join the mailing list by visiting our website, or by sending a blank email to [email protected]

If you want to participate more fully by sharing info on what you do, and start discussing ideas and projects, join our linked in group, which is accessible from our homepage. We rely on members of the network to help us organise the social events and talks, so if you have an idea, please get in touch by emailing: jb at

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